Baked Chicken Taquitos

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Baked Chicken Taquitos are “diet food” that qualifies as comfort food. And we all know… Comfort food typically doesn’t really fall into the diet category. Using high fiber tortillas, and low-fat cheese, you can enjoy taquitos, and feel full and not guilty! Do the prep for this recipe in your slow cooker or on your stovetop, bake them in the oven or use your air fryer!



Baked Chicken Taquitos – Healthy Food that Tastes Good, too!

I have seen LOTS of taquito recipes on Pinterest. The baked ones, like these Baked Chicken Taquitos I am sharing today, always entice me because they are healthier for you.
I have been watching what I eat over the last year, and have successfully lost about 40 pounds, but I still have 10 to go.
Having the kids home during the day, while they finished the school year online, has been hard on me with the change in routine, and let’s face it… too much food and drink.
Cooking recipes that can help me lose that last ten, then maintain my new weight into the future, that is what I need to do. 
But, I still have kids that don’t want to look at a salad every night for dinner!  So I decided it was time to concoct some taquitos of my own and make them fit into my low calorie/high fiber diet, and taste like they don’t, therefore making my kids happy when they ask “What’s for dinner?”



Diet Conscious Baked Chicken Taquitos

Baked chicken taquitos are actually pretty diet conscious. 

Mexican style cuisine doesn’t have to mean high fat. In reality, many classic Mexican dishes can easily be very diet conscious and absolutely nutritious. 

Better yet, you don’t have to lose out on flavor or that comfort food feeling. You know what I mean… That kind of full feeling that makes you want to pat your stomach and go “Wow, I feel so full, that was delicious!”

With a baked taquito, you cut down the fats by not putting the taquitos in the fryer. You get plenty of protein using shredded chicken, and tomatoes and chilis don’t just taste great. They are high fiber, low fat, and full of flavor.

Best of all, baked chicken taquitos are diet food that feels like comfort food. And we all know… Comfort food typically doesn’t really fall into the diet category. 


What Exactly Is A Taquito?

In case you are not familiar with taquitos, they are essentially a rolled taco. Typically, they are deep fried. They can be filled with beef, chicken, beans or even veggies like squash or potatoes. 

I use chicken in this recipe because it is lower fat but still tasty. 

Just like a taco, taquitos can be made with either corn tortillas or flour tortillas. 

I use flour tortillas with this recipe because I find them easier to work with. They also hold together better when you bake them. The corn tortillas tend to be very fragile and break apart when you crunch into them. Or they fall apart if there is too much moisture in the filling. 

Flour tortillas hold up well either way.


Preparing Baked Chicken Taquitos

 Of course, you can make these same baked chicken taquitos using full-fat cheese and any kind of flour tortillas, even using homemade tortillas, but today we are going for the fat-free/low fat/ high fiber version.  

You’ll need 12 taco sized flour tortillas, I use the Misson Brand Carb Balance, as they are low in calories and high in fiber. 

You will need a package of shredded Mexican cheese (low fat or nonfat preferably,) a can of green chiles, a can of Rotel tomatoes, some ground cumin, and whatever you’d like to serve them with.  Smashed avocado, or guacamole, diced tomatoes, or pico de gallo, lettuce, cilantro and onion are all good choices.


Slow Cooker or Stovetop

Sometimes when I make these, I make the chicken on my stovetop in a saucepan.  But most often I do all of the prep for the chicken in my crockpot.  I let it cook low and slow all day, then all I have left to do is shred it and fill the tortillas before dinnertime.  

Either way works, combining the chicken breasts, chiles, Rotel, water and cumin, cooking until the chicken can be shredded.  


Divide the meat and cheese evenly between the 12 tortillas.

Lay one down and place chicken and cheese toward the bottom and spread it out in a row like shown.
Roll them up tightly from the bottom, and place them seam side down on your baking dish.
Continue with other tortillas.
Spray the top of the taquitos with non-stick cooking spray. Place in oven. Bake until edges become golden brown and crispy.

Healthier Taquitos – Air Fryer Instead of Oven?

Will I get the same outcome for these chicken taquitos making them in the air fryer instead of the oven?  Absolutely!!  

Place the rolled tacos seam side down in your prepared air fryer basket, spray the tops with non-stick cooking spray, and let that air fryer work its magic!  They will even cook them in less time, which is awesome when your tummy is growling!




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Storing Leftover Taquitos

I recommend storing any leftovers in the freezer rather than the refrigerator. That way you don’t have to worry about the liquids from the warm leftovers turning your tortillas into mush before warming and enjoying again.  

You can wrap them individually in foil or plastic then set them inside a Tupperware style plastic container. They will keep easily for up to a month. You can pull them out as needed for either snacking or even a main course. 

Re-heat them in your oven or air fryer to maintain that crispiness.



Easy Dump Salsa with chips


Condiments For Your Taquitos

A taquito is just like a taco in terms of being the perfect vehicle for condiments. In the same way, the condiments really make the taquito go from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Sour cream, salsa, and guacamole of course top the charts for most popular condiments. Salsa especially offers so many flavor combinations to compliment the baked taquito. 

Great Topping for Taquitos:

  • Cucumber Salsa – Yes, you heard that right. So cool, yet with a hint of spice too. It is like a pico de gallo but with cucumber added to it. 
  • Easy Dump Salsa  (pictured above) – You can do this in the blender and it takes about a minute to make but creates a wonder restaurant-style salsa.
  • Tropical Salsa – This one has a Caribbean flair to it because of the pineapple and is delicious and fruity with a bit of spice to compliment the coolness. It is sweet and sour and spicy all at the same time. Just wonderful!
  • Restaurant Quality Refried Beans (from a can!) – This is one of my most popular recipes for a reason.  Taking a can of refried beans, and adding two simple ingredients can take that can of refried beans to restaurant tasting in minutes!
Let’s get to the recipe for these delicious and diet-conscious baked chicken taquitos!    M.
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Baked Chicken Taquitos

Baked Chicken Taquitos are “diet food” that qualifies as comfort food. And we all know… Comfort food typically doesn’t really fall into the diet category. Using high fiber tortillas, and low-fat cheese, you can enjoy taquitos, and feel full and not guilty! This versatile recipe can be made on your stovetop or in your slow cooker, and baked in your oven or in your air fryer!
Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time5 hours 15 minutes
Total Time5 hours 20 minutes
Course: Chicken
Cuisine: American/ Mexican
Keyword: air fryer taquitos, Baked Chicken Taquitos, Crock Pot, diet comfort food, easy, healthier, slow cooker, stovetop
Servings: 12 Taquitos
Calories: 808kcal
Author: Michaela Kenkel


  • 4 chicken breasts
  • 1 4 oz can of green chilies
  • 1 can Rotel tomatoes I used original, you can use the spicy if you want to heat them up some + one can water
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 12 taco sized flour Mission brand Carb Balance tortillas
  • 2 cups Fat Free Shredded Mexican Cheese
  • For serving: lettuce tomatoes guacamole, sour cream - or whatever you like


  • Slow Cooker Method: Place the chicken, chilies, cumin and Rotel and water in your crockpot. Cover and cook for 5 hours on low. Stovetop Method: Place chicken, chiles, Rotel, water and cumin in a saucepan, cover and cook over medium-high heat for about 20-30 minutes, or until chicken is able to be shredded.
  • Place meat in your strainer and squeeze the excess juice out.
  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees and spray a baking sheet with non-stick cooking spray.
  • Warm your tortillas in a microwave for about 30 seconds so they are soft and easy to work with.
  • Divide meat and cheese evenly for 12 rolled tacos. Lay one tortilla down and place meat and cheese toward the bottom and spread it out in a row.
  • Roll them up tightly from the bottom, and place them seam side down on your baking dish.
  • Continue with other tortillas.
  • Spray the top of the taquitos with non-stick cooking spray.
  • Oven Method: Place in oven. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown and crispy on the outside. Watch them so your edges don’t burn!!
  • Air Fryer Method: Spray the basket of your air fryer with non-stick cooking spray. Place taquitos seam side down in the basket, taking care not to crowd them. Spray the tops with non-stick cooking spray. Set fryer to 400 degrees and cook for about 12 minutes or until the outsides are lightly brown and crispy. Note: All hairdryers differ. Check them to make sure they aren't burning. If they aren't brown and crispy, you may need to extend the cooking time a couple of minutes.
  • Serve with your favorite condiments.


Nutrition isn't guaranteed accurate. Recipes will vary based on products used. These can be made using your favorite tortillas and full-fat cheese if you like.


Serving: 2taquitos | Calories: 808kcal | Carbohydrates: 65g | Protein: 57g | Fat: 35g | Saturated Fat: 16g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 16g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 156mg | Sodium: 1653mg | Fiber: 8g | Sugar: 5g


This recipe was originally posted on August 13, 2013.  It was updated to improve user experience and re-shared on June 1, 2020.

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