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FAQs About An Affair from the Heart

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  • How do I subscribe to your weekly emails? Before you email to ask to change your notifications or unsubscribe from my newsletters, please know that due to privacy laws, I am not legally able to subscribe or unsubscribe you to emails. If you want to subscribe you can do so right at the very top of my website. Your contact information is always safe and never shared. If you want to unsubscribe from my newsletters (no hard feelings!) simply click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email. 
  • Where is the recipe? I always share a brief description of the ingredients in the middle of my post. Think of it like a shopping list. You will find the complete recipe and instructions at the bottom of each recipe post in the printable recipe card. Each page has a “jump to recipe” button at the top for you to skip my photos and helpful tips and get straight to the recipe card. 
  • Your ads are annoying! I am sorry that you feel that way. Those ads pay my income and all of the costs behind running this website. They make it possible for me to bring your free content. I bet most people wouldn’t work 50+ hours a week for free. Would you? 
  • Does An Affair from the Heart accept guest posts?  At this time, no, I am not accepting guest posts on my website. 
  • Can I share your recipes on my social media channels or link to your recipes in round-up posts on my own site? Of course! Sharing is caring, however, I ask that you give full credit where credit is due and link back to my recipe website. Please do not ever share the complete recipe. All of my content is protected by copyright laws. Read more about my Privacy Policy
  • Would you like to add my link to your recipe post? An Affair from the Heart links to reputable websites where we see fit. Please do not email asking for me to add your link to my website or to “swap link insertions.” It is not something that I do. Ever. 
  • Do you do recipe development with products from companies? I do! I love developing recipes with your products. However, I don’t do product reviews, and I am sorry, but “in exchange for product” or “free” doesn’t keep my website up and running. Only serious inquiries, please. Thanks! Read more about working with me, and see where I Have Been Featured.

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