I Dairy You to Milk It – Valentine Idea with Free Printable

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This cute Valentine uses old fashioned glass milk bottles, Milk Duds or Malted Milk Balls. 

I Dairy You to Milk It Valentine - An Affair from the Heart

I made these Valentine’s this year, using those super cute old fashioned glass milk bottles.

I Dairy You to Milk It Valentine

I love using them for props for my recipe posts, and thought they would make cute Valentines!  Plus, I LOVE Milk Duds and Malted Milk Balls!

Now it was time to come up with something catchy for the card. I began kicking around ideas based on Milk or Dairy.

Valentine Milk Jug

Click the image and save to your computer to use as a free printable, sizing accordingly for your project.

I came up with this phrase, and I think it’s super fun! Don’t you?

I Dairy You to Milk It Valentine

I filled the bottles up with either Milk Duds or Malted Milk Balls (aka Whoppers) and secured a piece of heavy duty foil around the top with a small rubber band.  I trimmed the excess, and tied it up with ribbon or tulle.

Tie on the free printable tag, and you have a Valentine for your special someone.

I Dairy You to Milk It Valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day!

I Dairy you to Milk it for all it’s worth!

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