Fire Roasted Tomato Soup

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If you love the Fire Roasted Tomato Soup recipe from Paradise Bakery, then this recipe has your name on it. Fire Roasted tomatoes simmered with garlic, onion, and broth and then mixed with milk make for a rich and creamy delicious soup with so much flavor, you’ll be amazed. 

Tomato Soup is a grilled cheese sandwich’s best friend. I crave tomato soup and grilled cheese, and to me, this meal is like a hug in a bowl. If I am at a restaurant, and I can’t decide what to order – this right here is it. 

Fire Roasted Tomato Soup

Fire roasted canned tomatoes take this soup up a notch so if you’ve never used them before you need to pick up a few cans as soon as possible. The deep, smoky tomato flavor makes a difference in this creamy soup. After a bit of chopping and dicing the tomatoes simmer with regular canned tomatoes, tomato paste, tomato sauce, and some broth to allow the flavors to develop. 

Homemade Tomato Soup

Perfect to pair alongside a crispy grilled cheese sandwich, this creamy tomato soup is a great recipe for a cold day. It can sometimes be difficult to find fresh juicy tomatoes in the winter but with this recipe, there’s no need to worry about the fresh tomatoes at the grocery store because the soup gets its amazing flavor from canned tomatoes. 

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Fire roasted tomato bisque

If you like a heartier, chunkier soup you can go ahead and add some vegetables while you saute the onions and garlic, and throw in some beans, or leftover meat or chicken from the fridge. Feel free to change up the flavor profile too if you like, I’ve suggested Mexcian toppings but Italian will taste just as good. 

Ingredients for this easy fire roasted tomato soup

For complete ingredients and instructions scroll to the bottom of this post for the full printable recipe. 

  • Onion – I used a large yellow onion, diced but a white onion will also work. 
  • Garlic – Fresh garlic cloves, minced, taste great but jarred garlic is a good substitute. 
  • Olive oil – Extra virgin olive for sauteing is the best but any kind will work. 
  • Canned tomatoes -San Marzano whole tomatoes are my first choice but any kind are good. 
  • Fire-roasted tomatoes –  I prefer Muir Glen Organic canned fire-roasted tomatoes
  • Tomato sauce – Tomato sauce helps add a tomato broth. 
  • Tomato paste – Tomato paste thickens the soup.
  • Chicken stock – Use chicken stock, or chicken broth, or make it vegetarian and use vegetable broth or stock. 
  • Sea salt
  • White pepper – I used white pepper but black pepper will also work. 
  • Milk – I used Vitamin D milk but any type of milk is good.
  • Tortilla strips – I used the ones traditionally used on salads. 
  • Sour cream – Sour cream complements the flavors of the tomato soup well. 

How to make this fire-roasted tomato soup recipe

This recipe comes together easily and is simmered to perfection. 

First: In a large Dutch oven or soup pot, saute onions and garlic in olive oil until translucent. 

Second: Add tomatoes, paste, sauce, and chicken stock.

Third: Bring to a boil, cover, reduce heat, and simmer for about 30 minutes. 

Fourth: Remove from heat and puree in a blender until tomatoes are desired consistency.

Fifth: Add milk and seasonings and cook for another 15 minutes on low.

Serve topped with tortilla strips (the ones you use for salads) and sour cream.

Let the soup come to room temperature and store it in an airtight container in the fridge for 3 days. You can also freeze leftovers for up to 3 months. 

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FAQs about fire roasted tomato soup

  • Do fire roasted tomatoes taste different? Yes, fire roasted tomatoes have a different taste from regular canned tomatoes, they have a slightly smoky flavor. 

  • Are canned fire roasted tomatoes hot? Unless there are added chilies or spices, fire roasted tomatoes are not hot or spicy. 

  • Are fire roasted tomatoes same as diced tomatoes? Fire roasted tomatoes are diced tomatoes that have been roasted over a flame. 

  • What can I use instead of fire roasted tomatoes in soup? If you can’t find fire roasted tomatoes you can use regular canned tomatoes or diced fresh tomatoes. You won’t get exactly the same flavor in your soup but it will still taste good. 


Remember that when it comes to making substitutions in recipes, you don’t need to be afraid to get creative and use ingredients that suit your personal taste and dietary preferences. Make it your own!

  • You can substitute heavy cream for the milk which will make for a richer soup. 

  • Instead of broth or stock, you can also use bone broth, any type will work. 

  • If you don’t have tortilla strips you can use tortilla chips, crumbled. Or leave them off entirely.


Tips & Tricks

  • If you don’t have an immersion blender you can use a regular blender or food processor to puree the soup. 

  • For a deeper flavor, add a bay leave to the pot while the soup boils. Remove before pureeing. 

  • Garnish with fresh herbs for a touch of color and added flavor. For more of an Italian flavor make a tomato basil soup by adding fresh basil and top with parmesan cheese and some crusty bread.  

  • To add some spice, stir in red pepper flakes or cayenne pepper. 

  • If you like some crunch add homemade croutons. 

Caprese salad on a white square serving plate

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Fire Roasted Tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich halved and a spoon in a white bowl.
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Fire Roasted Tomato Soup

Fire Roasted tomatoes make for a perfect tomato soup.
Prep Time3 minutes
Cook Time55 minutes
Total Time58 minutes
Course: Soup
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Fire Roasted Tomato Soup
Servings: 8 servings
Calories: 280kcal
Author: Michaela Kenkel


  • 1 large onion diced
  • 6 cloves garlic minced
  • Olive oil for sautéing
  • 2 28 ounce cans of San Marzano whole tomatoes
  • 1 28 ounce can of Muir Glen Organic fire roasted tomatoes
  • 2 8 ounce cans of tomato sauce
  • 2 6 ounce cans of tomato paste
  • 2 32 ounce containers of chicken stock
  • 3 teaspoons of sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon of white pepper
  • 4 cups whole milk
  • Optional Garnish: tortilla strips and sour cream


  • Saute onions and garlic in olive oil until translucent. 
  • Add tomatoes, paste, sauce and chicken stock.
  • Bring to boil, cover and reduce heat and simmer for about 30 minutes. 
  • Remove from heat and puree in a blender until tomatoes are desired consistency.
  • Add milk and seasonings and cook for another 15 minutes on low.
  • Serve topped with tortilla strips (the ones that you find for salads) and sour cream.


Serving: 1g | Calories: 280kcal | Carbohydrates: 40g | Protein: 16g | Fat: 8g | Saturated Fat: 3g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 5g | Cholesterol: 18mg | Sodium: 1636mg | Fiber: 7g | Sugar: 26g

This recipe was originally posted on February 2, 2012. It has been updated to improve user experience and reshared on February 15, 2024.

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    1. Thanks for coming over!! thanks of the compliment on my music. It’s funny, I had no idea how well it would be received!! it’s just something everyone can relate to, I guess!

      I love the soup tureen, too!! I have had it for YEARS!! Can’t take credit for the penguin plate, we were at a friend’s house! 🙂

      I found the tortilla strips in our produce section. They were with all of the salad toppers.

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  3. Oh, this is so good. It’s been cold this past week, so I was all over this when I found it. I made this soup over the weekend and served it with big hunks of bread. Amazing.

  4. Nothing beats homemade tomato soup! And this one is NO exception. So creamy and flavorful. Of course, I paired it with a stellar grilled cheese 🙂

  5. The smoky flavor from the fire-roasted tomatoes really elevated the taste. It was rich, creamy, and had just the right amount of seasoning. I will definitely be making this again!

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