It’s National Cupcake Day!!

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So….Did you hear?!?
 I heard on the radio that TODAY is National Cupcake Day!! 
Don’t cha just love cuppie cakes?!?!
Ironically, I made cupcakes this morning!
Haven’t taken any pictures of them yet… but they will be coming.
I figured I would put all of my little yummy cupcakes in one spot for you to check out on this
 very SPECIAL day!!
The first one is where I got my pink cupcake profile picture, that has just sort of stuck!
Next we have one of my favorites!! I made these in honor of my most favorite Starbucks treat they they no longer make. It was a Chocolate Orange Latte.
I also made these lil cuties in jars for some of my besties! 
double chocolate orange cupcakes in a jar
Then look at these little cuties!!
So good… you’ll want S’More!
Then…drum roll please….
Out of all of the cupcakes I have made these little darlings have been the biggest hit!
So, to tease you a little, I have what every girl needs, just sitting on my counter. 
Dark chocolate cupcakes with Tiffany Blue buttercream, adorned with silver jimmies and pearls. 
Ah…. bliss!

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