Dry Erase Board made from a Photo and Frame

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Happy Valentine’s Day to my Hubby!!
For Christmas we gave our kids a trip to see their Grandparents in San Diego.
Our flight left on Valentine’s Day.
My husband knows how much I love Valentine’s Day, and he always makes it special.  
But we agreed that a plane trip to sunshine was gift enough!
(but I am a little bit of a rule breaker, ya know?)
I saw this idea on Pinterest a while back and figured I would give it a try.
We always leave notes to one another on  the bathroom counter.
I just re-did our room and bath in the last year, in browns and kind of a Caribbean blue.
We love our trips to the beach to escape the winter weather!!
I have so many photos from our trips over the years, and shells an”beachy” trinkets, I decided to decorate with all of them.
When I saw this idea to turn a picture into a dry erase board, I knew I wanted to try it.
I found the photo on Google Images.  I just thought it was so darn cute!!
I printed it in a 12×12 size and found a frame at Hobby Lobby.
Before I framed it, I used some scrapbook stickers and stuck 
“I Love You” in the upper left corner.
When honey woke up on Valentine’s Day, it was hanging on the wall right behind him and his mirror.
I wrote “Happy Valentine’s Day” on it to greet him.
I even found a brown dry erase marker that was cute enough to leave on top of the frame.
Now when he is getting ready in the morning, those two starfish are in the reflection behind him, and even if there isn’t a note on it, it always says
 “I love you.”
Doesn’t everyone need a reminder every now and then??

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  1. Awesome idea, but how did you print 12X12? My printer wont print that size, I thought about using scrapbook paper but I surely wont find such a pretty print unless I do a “page”…. and did you just use the glass in the frame as the “board” and it worked out ok?

    1. I got the print made at Costco. I have seen them done with just cute paper, and they were super cute!! The options are endless!! The frame I bought was actually one of those “collage” type frames, it worked just fine!! The whole thing cost me less than $20. And yes, that’s just the glass that came with it. 🙂

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