homemade Valentine’s steal my heart

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It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is HANDS DOWN my MOST FAVORITE holiday.
It always has been, even when I was little.
I know many cynics say it’s just a “Hallmark Holiday” but it’s so much more to that, at least to me!
I loved making homemade Valentine’s and creating the Valentine box to tote all of the Valentine’s I received from my friends and classmates at the Valentine party at school.
I think homemade Valentines are the BEST!!
So, I am sharing with you today, how to add some fun to your kids Valentines this year!!
Simply snap a picture of them, and come up with a caption.
This was my daughter’s Valentine last year.  They were a huge hit!!
So this year, she and her twin wanted to do something along the same lines….

We saw the sucker idea all over Pinterest and he really liked it.  We came up with the caption together.
It suits him….

This is what we decided for my daughter this year.
We walked up and down the candy aisle for inspiration.
She punched the lenses out of some 3D glasses, added a little tape…
instant NERD!
They turned out cute because the NERDS are almost 3D!!
Get your creative juices flowing and help your kiddos have an original Valentine of their own!!

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