How To: Make a Conversation Heart Centerpiece

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Conversation Heart Centerpiece
When I found the napkins and treat containers with conversation hearts on them, 
I knew that was the ticket for my party this year.
It’s no secret how much I <3 Conversation Hearts!!
I decided to run with the idea for my table and centerpiece.
Years ago I made a centerpiece for Halloween the same way using candy corn,
 it was super cute so I ran with it!!
Here is what it took:
Two vases, one that fits inside the other with some wiggle room
2 packages of conversation hearts or other candy
Color coordinated flowers
I love to buy flowers at Costco. They always have really unique bunches 
that you can have so much fun arranging.
I bought a bunch of flowers from Costco and in addition to that I purchased a 
dozen roses and eucalyptus to mix in!! 
(Needed the roses for the SANGRIA!! )
Place the smaller vase inside the larger vase and begin to fill the space between with your conversation hearts.
Fill to the top of the small vase.  
I was lucky enough to have a cylinder vase that was the same height, it worked perfectly.
You will have to use a funnel to fill the inside vase with water, being super careful not to get the candy wet!!
Arrange flowers inside water….
DONE!! and SO CUTE!!

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  1. Very cute! I love the idea! I was just looking at another flower arrangement on #FoodieFriDIY in a boot! I love these creative ideas! My mother in law actually judges flower competitions…she is an amazing flower arranger. Thanks for sharing this, Michaela!

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