Drunken Gummies

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When my friend, Candi, from The Devilish Dish posted these a while back, it couldn’t have
been at a better time.
You see, we had just been invited to my nephew’s 21st birthday party.
I make him oatmeal raisin cookies for his birthday every year, but I wanted to bring a little something along to ring in his new ID!
I just figured I would do jell-o shots, until I saw these!!
Drunken Gummies!!


There really isn’t a recipe per say,  and they are quite easy to make…
but the guests gobbled them up!!
I tried to do Swedish Fish and Worms first.
( Dan loves to fish)
But the Swedish fish didn’t work like they gummies…at all.
They were basically like if you turned that “DOTS” candy into a glue.
Tasted good…but good luck getting it off of your teeth anytime soon!
So, I dug the worms out and added them to a new dish with bears, and started over.
(oooo the worms had a double “marinade” no wonder they were my favorite! )


Drunken Gummies
Take what ever gummy your little heart desires, and place them in the bottom of a container that seals tight.
Pour vodka over them until they are just covered.
Put the lid on top and give them a little swirl.
Put them in the fridge for 24 hours.
Give them a little flip and swirl whenever you think about it, keeping them evenly coated.
That’s it!!
Beware, they will sneak up on you!!

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