Easter Dinner Re-Cap

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Growing up we went to my Grandmas’ houses for all of the holidays, except Easter.
Easter was always hosted by my Mom.
So, when my husband and I bought our first home and had our first child, my Mom “subtly hinted” that this would be a tradition she would like to keep up.
So, each year, we go to my Mother and Father In-Law’s for their Easter celebration on Saturday, and then come back home, and we host Easter here for my family on Easter Sunday.
Our kids wake and find their baskets in the morning, we make breakfast, then head to Easter Mass.
After church, my brother and his family, my Mom and her husband and his daughter, our family and my husbands parents come for dinner.
the grandmas enjoying a beverage while the kids hunt eggs.
Before we have dinner, we have an Easter egg hunt for the kids, and take the traditional “picture on the porch” after everyone has found their eggs.
After the egg hunt it’s time for dinner!
I love to set the table differently every year.
Of course, I don’t think I will ever compare to the year I made the PEEP Centerpiece!
Have I mentioned how I adore PEEPS?
This year I used one of my favorite tablecloths.
After the long and depressing winter we had, I wanted to go BOLD!
Love the colors of this tablecloth!
The only thing I bought new, were the two blue vases.
They were a steal at Tuesday Morning.  Do you have one of those?
Awesome store.
I hunted for some flowers that would go with the tablecloth and used the same colors for the 
eggs and the PEEPS.
I used the “pouch fold” for the napkins.
Originally I had the eggs and bunnies inside the pouches, but they got lost in there.  The napkins I was using are quite big.  This would have worked with a smaller napkin.
I think it turned out pretty cute?
On the Menu:
Baked Ham

Polish Sausage and Sauerkraut 
(from the best local place, Stoysich Sausage, in Omaha, NE)
Cracker Barrel Hash Brown Potato Casserole (with bacon)
Green Beans
Orange Glazed Carrots


…and for dessert
It was a fun weekend, and God granted us beautiful weather.
Welcome SPRING!

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  1. I LOVED this recap! You have a beautiful family, your tablescape was TO DIE FOR and I am STILL drooling over that strawberry lemonade cake!!!!! <3

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