Come Fly with Me… Let’s Fly, Let’s Fly Away….

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My Mother-in-Law celebrated her 70th Birthday this past week. 
She had all kinds of different celebrations throughout the week of her birthday; lunches, golfing, dinners, movies, cookouts, but I bet not everyone gets to take a hot air balloon ride for their day!?!
up, up and away….
This past summer when we were around the camp fire one night the kids and parents and grandparents were playing “would you rather.”
You know… “would you rather have a snake in your lap or a spider?”
You get the idea.
One of the questions was “hot air balloon ride or bungee jump?” Marie, my husband’s mother, said Hot Air Balloon. She then went on to say that it had always been on her bucket list.  My father-in-law must have been listening, because he booked her a trip the Saturday morning after her birthday.  Friday night all of us kids took her to dinner, and afterward, he gave her the gift.
Marie, holding her surprise gift
the balloon/basket with the card attached
inside of the card
So, bright and early we arose the next morning, and left in the darkness to watch them take off on a sunrise balloon trip.
a picture perfect morning at the lake
inflating the balloon
my husband’s parents look on as the balloon is filled with hot air
almost up….
It only took about 5-10 minutes for the giant balloon to be filled with air.  The company had two balloons for riders that morning. The weather was perfect for a balloon ride. Couldn’t have asked for a better day.
climb on in! it’s time!
a wave to the family down below and off they went into the wide blue yonder!
you can still barely see them
the sun came up as they drifted across the sky
We all decided it would be fun to follow the “chase vehicle” to the landing spot.  They would be in
the air approximately one hour. The balloon headed west, and so did we!  We stopped once along a dirt road in the middle of a cornfield to see it pass us by….
early morning haze over the cornfield
Shortly after this was taken, we drove for a little while longer to reach the spot where they would land. Right in these people’s back yard!!
imagine waking up to that outside your window Saturday morning!
They said they had a wonderful trip, and now she gets to check that off of her bucket list.
Happy Birthday, Marie!!
after the landing

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  1. she looks so happy! i bet it was fun to chase the balloon. was is colder up there than on the ground? your balloon basket is SUPERCUTE!!!

  2. She was happy!! They are such completely awesome people, anything that makes them smile is A-OK in my book!!
    I would never get in a balloon either…unless it was tethered to the ground and went up like 10 feet!! 😉
    Thanks..the “gift basket” did turn out pretty cute!

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