Won’t CHEW be my Valentine?

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We LOVE Valentine’s Day around here!!
Well, let’s be honest, I kind of cram it down their throats, so they have succumbed to my LOVE of the day!
I love it… what’s not to love?
Chocolates and flowers and MAIL!! 
I love getting “fun” mail.
The last three years, I have had fun with my two youngest making homemade Valentines.
This is Josie’s Valentine she handed out to her friends.
I took a photo of her, standing in her room by a piece of her art work, palm up, blowing a bubble.
In picmonkey, a photo editing site, I turned it black and white then brought the color back in a few spaces.
I used double sided tape to stick a piece of double bubble in her hand.
Valentine’s made!
Here is a link to other Valentine’s we have done in the past:

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