Happy 9th Birthday to Our Twins… Tie Dye Cupcakes and Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

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tie dye birthday party cupcakes
ice cream sandwich cake
This past weekend we celebrated the birth of our twins.  They turned nine on Sunday!
When they were born, I said I would never call them “the twins.” For a very long time we called them “the babies.”  I know that they will always be MY babies, but once they began elementary school I started getting some strange looks when I said it.
Sure I can call them by name, and we do, but when you’re “lumping them together” in conversation, it’s hard not to call them the twins. 
When they were born, our son, “Baby A” was born exactly one minute early.  He brags about being older to her all of the time. I really think she likes being the baby though…so it worked out okay!
We were so blessed that our twins were healthy and weighed a good amount when they were born.  I was in the hospital with toxemia for 3 days prior to their birth.  The doctors were waiting until they were 34 weeks gestation. The day that they were, they weighed me at 8 AM, then again at noon. I had gained 4 pounds in 4 hours!  I was so full of water, my feet looked like Fred Flintstone’s. 
My doctor decided we couldn’t wait any longer.
We had already anticipated a C Section, because Baby A was breach. I had never had a C Section before and I was scared. The known C Section became an emergency C Section, because they were coming early!
Ready or not… here they come!
Hayden and Josie were born, and weighed 6.4 and 6.5!
They were able to go to the regular nursery, and bypass the NICU. 
Praise, God!
here they are…my BABIES!!  I wish I could just pick them up and kiss those chubby baby cheeks!!
For the first two years of their life they weighed within a couple of ounces of  each other. Then Josie had a growth spurt that has continued! I know that someday she won’t outweigh her brother by 10+ pounds, but it does bother him! (especially when he weighs in for sports!!)
Anymore, people question whether or not they are twins, or just close in age. 
So, I guess calling them “the twins” just clarifies that!
For their birthday, they invited a few friends to a local business here called CREATE. It is an awesome place where people can do all kinds of art and projects.  They have camps during the summer and on school breaks that my kiddos LOVE to attend!  So this was what they decided would be a fun time for them and their friends!
They painted canvases for their rooms, using paints and stamps and stencils.  Kiersten, did such an awesome job with the kids!
Kiersten helping Hayden and Josie
some of the drying art work
the kids and their masterpieces
After they painted they opened gifts and enjoyed the tie dye cupcakes that the three of us had made!
how cool are these?!?
I arranged the cupcakes on a painting palette, aren’t they cute!?
tie dye cupcakes
ready to blow out the candles
cupcake anticipation
the girls with Josie
The party was held on Saturday.
Yesterday, Sunday, was their real birthday. Keeping with tradition, they got to choose what they wanted Mom to make for dinner. Sometimes with twins, that can get very interesting.
This year, since their day was on a weekend, they conspired to get two meals out of the deal!
For breakfast, Hayden chose Dad’s omelets. Daddy makes the best omelets!
omelet on the “birthday plate”
For dinner, Josie chose Shrimp and Crab pasta.  This is a family favorite!! I have already posted this recipe and you can find it HERE.
shrimp and crab pasta on the “birthday plate”
Time for Birthday cake! (or pie…)
Josie is a pie eater like her mom!! She asked for a Village Inn French Silk pie.  Hayden requested an ice cream sandwich cake. This is a cake I have made A LOT, and I always manage to make it different.
Hayden’s ice cream sandwich cake
here are my BIG 9 year olds with their desserts
I have never made tie dye cupcakes before.  I have seen people post them online, and always wanted to try!  I was trying to decide what would be cool for treats for an art themed birthday and figured I had my chance!
There really isn’t a “recipe” so I will tell you what I did.
Tie Dye Cupcakes
Make a white cake mix according to the box instructions. Divide batter into four bowls (or however many colors you want) I used red, blue, yellow and green. Color the batter with food coloring.
Spoon colors randomly into cupcake liners.  After that, take a toothpick and give the batter a quick swirl!
Bake them and you will get this out of the oven!
I made my buttercream recipe and I flavored it with almond, because my kids love that!  I colored the frosting to match the cupcakes and frosted them with a knife so they would be smooth, and look like paints on my palette.
ice cream sandwich cake
The ice cream sandwich cake recipe is from Kraft.  I made this for Easter a couple of years ago and the kids polished it off!!   Whenever I make it, it always turns out different.  This time, I made it with Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches! For this size I used the basic recipe. I topped it with more hot fudge and Hayden added some jimmies. I sprinkled more cookie crumbs around the bottom.
Last year for my oldest son’s birthday I tripled it and made this huge one for him and his friends.
triple batch ice cream sandwich cake
I will share the recipe as Kraft has it on their website, by sharing the link to it. 
But use your imagination! The options are endless!
Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

I hope they had a great birthday, they sure seemed to!! 
Happy Birthday, BABIES!!

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  1. Okay first of all you are the best mom ever. I want to live with you guys. Second, Hayden has not changed one bit, even since his baby picture. Third, I’m so glad I got those two birthday plates for someone that actually uses and enjoys them!

  2. Happy Birthday Josie and Hayden! It looks like they had a WONDERFUL Birthday! You are an Amazing Mom!!!

    LOVE LOVE the cupcakes and ice cream cake! I know my three will LOVE them both! I am definitely going to make your pasta also!

    I used to call my boys “Babies” also. Now they are “the Twins” ;D <3 and Hugs Sweet One!

  3. Debi, Whew… glad I am not the only one! 🙂 I feel like I am being stereotypical calling them “the twins” … but … that’s what they are, right!? Thanks for your sweet words. <3

  4. Your twins must have been lucky to have a baker mom like you. You know, they can still enjoy eating sweet delights even if it’s not their birthday. You can create one for them whenever they ask you, right? 😉 Anyway, Hayden and Josle’s party was great! It’s wonderful because delicious treats were waiting for them after the workshop. They and their friends look very happy and super excited to try those cupcakes you baked too!

    Nita Digirolamo

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