Good Grief! It’s a “Peanuts and Gang” themed 40th Birthday?!

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My dear friend, Toni, turns 40 this week. Sorry, Toni, for broadcasting it to the entire world wide web… but the theme of her party just has to be shared!
Theme for Toni’s 40th birthday bash?  “Peanuts and Gang!”
snoopy and his dog house
Yes, you heard me right… I wasn’t “wah-wah-wa-wah waah” talking like the teacher…
Her theme was full of Snoop-i-fied FUN!
Now, I was a HUGE Snoopy fan growing up. My brother and I would run and get our Snoopy stuffed animals right before each holiday special would start, and claim our place on the shag carpeting in front of the TV.  (remember when TVs had 3 channels? and NO remote?!?)  The Charlie Brown specials were always on right before each holiday, and as a kid, it just helped build the anticipation of the fun to come.  My kids have always been big Peanuts fans, maybe because they had to be?  hummmm… file that in “to think about later file.”
Toni’s husband, Steve, asked me to organize her party.  I was delighted! Toni is one of those people who is always doing, doing, doing for others. It was time to have a celebration in honor of HER! We had the party, last weekend, at A World of Wine, here in Omaha.
the gift table
The gift table was decorated with a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, wrapped with a blue flannel Linus blanket, the perfect spot for her gifts.  On the opposite end of the table, a white mailbox, for her cards, made to look like the one Charlie Brown anxiously visited looking for Valentines from that Little red-Haired girl.
mailbox for cards, and look! a letter from her “little red-haired boy!”

Scattered around the party were these little notes in the “I got a Rock” note card holders that I whipped up. Each had a character, a picture and a quote from one of the movies.
“I got a rock” taken from the Peanuts Halloween special.
“I got a rock” note card holder
Here is a closer picture of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, beneath it a blanket reminiscent of Linus’.
tree and blanket
The tables were topped with bright yellow fabric and a black zig zag to resemble Charlie Brown’s infamous shirt. 
one of the tables for guests
The centerpieces were simple, they were a “peanuts” old fashioned circus container, full of, what else? Peanuts! then a little card that resembled the others was placed in each, topped with a simple red balloon.
one of the centerpieces, laying beside them, cookie favors
turns out the peanuts were a big hit for munching!
My friend over at Sunshine Cookies baked up some beautiful Snoopy cookies for the event, isn’t she just talented beyond words??
they taste as good as they look
Here is another one of the tables, behind it you will see the wine booth. It’s decorated like “Lucy’s Psychiatric Booth” What better way for 40-somethings to relieve some stress…wine away!!
tables and booth
close up of the wine booth
If you weren’t a wine drinker, there were other libations available. Such as a variety of beers and 
 “Peg Pen’s Private Stock”
pig pens private stock
And what party wouldn’t be complete without Jell-O Shots?!?!  There were three flavors, mojito, strawberry margarita and orange dream.
sally’s jell-o shots
Now for the food line up.
the buffet table
The Menu:
Woodstock’s Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip
The Little Red Haired Girls Red Velvet Cupcakes
Schroeder’s Tuxedo Brownies
Charlie Brown’s Cheese and Crackers
Puppy Chow
Peppermint Patty’s Chocolates
Linus’ Great Pumpkin Cheesecake Ball
Snoopy’s Popcorn and Toast
woodstock’s buffalo chicken wing dip
Pita chips and pretzel chips accompanied the chicken dip, served in a football dish of course!
Doesn’t make sense? Better give the Thanksgiving special a little re-watch! 😉
the little red haired girls red velvet cupcakes
This cream cheese frosting was so good!!  It tasted like cream cheese, not like pure sugar.

schroeder’s tuxedo brownies
Before anyone askes, I cannot take credit for the decorating of the baby grand piano brownies.  I have a baker that is so clever and came up with this on her own! I asked for piano keys and got the whole sha-bang!

charlie brown’s cheese and crackers
When I asked Toni what her favorite snack item was, she said CHEESE! So we had a wide assortment of cheese and crackers. The crackers were served in Snoopy dog bowls.  They said “All Gone” in the bottom, so cute!!  On the subject of cheese… has anyone noticed how much cheese was used for this party?!?
puppy chow
The puppy chow was served in red plastic dog bowls, looked just like Snoopy’s!!
peppermint patty’s chocolates
Linus’ great pumpkin cheese ball, served with graham sticks
the card that accompanied the cheese ball
Snoopy’s popcorn and toast
Well, again, if you didn’t see the Thanksgiving special, you won’t remember that Snoopy served what he knew how to make…popcorn and toast for Thanksgiving dinner. I played on those words and made my “crack corn” and there was baguette bread and homemade bruchetta.
I would like to thank A World of Wine for letting us use their space to celebrate the birthday of one special lady!! The birthday girl, and her “little red haired boy” a.k.a. her hubby an host of the party…. drum roll please…..
Toni and Steve

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  1. Super cute b-day. Wondering if you still have the pdf files or jpg images of the Charlie Brown food identifier tags you used ? It would be wonderful to share, when you get some time please. My mom’s 84th birthday party is right around the corner and she is a Peanut gang lover! Can’t wait to surprise her.

    1. You know, I am not really sure that I do? Let me do some digging and get back to you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. It doesn’t look like I do anymore. Sorry! ๐Ÿ™ I used images from google and typed them up in MS Publisher. The holders are a rock with bendable wire I got at Hobby Lobby. Hope that helps!

    1. It’s a yellow tablecloth with black felt over the top cut into a zig zag! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. We are planning a Charlie Brown -themed party for a friend and are puzzled how to create the zigzag for the tables. We love the look and have tossed about a few ideas how it could be done. How did you do it? What did you use?

    1. Michelle- I used yellow fabric, then I cut the zig zag out of black felt. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey! Iโ€™m throwing my son a Charlie Brown party and was wondering how you made the table runners? Thanks!

    1. I bought yellow fabric at Hobby Lobby, and cut it into a circle. Then I cut long zig zag strips of black felt for the middle! That’s it! Super Easy!!

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