Cinco de Mayo Recipe Round-Up

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Today is Thursday, and typically on Thursday’s I have a #tbt (Throw Back Thursday)
post on my facebook page.
With Cinco de Mayo coming up on Monday, I knew it would be a Mexican themed one.
I was having a hard time picking just one Mexican recipe to share.
So, I decided I would do a NEW post, with a round up of OLDer recipes!
Before I get to sharing all of these FANTASTIC Mexican delights that range from
Taquitos to Sangria and from Chili Rellenos to Mexican Chocolate… I have to tell you something!!
This is my 300th blog post.
and it’s my last one for this site.
This whole site will be migrating over to my NEW site this weekend.
You cannot imagine how excited I am to share it with you!!
this is a little teaser… the logo. Isn’t it so pretty!?!?
My friend, Rhonda, made all of the magic happen.
She owns a company in Omaha, called FPO Designs.
She didn’t just leave off there, she has made different formats of my logo, and is helping me with all of my business tools, business cards, labels and such.  She has such an eye for this stuff! I am so lucky to have her help (and her friendship, but that goes without saying!)
Rhonda and I last fall
The website has been designed and handled by a wonderful person, and fabulous designer, Lauren, from Lauren Prentiss Designs.  I feel so lucky to have had her to help me through all of this, and lucky to have met her, what an amazing woman she is.
Finally the last piece of this awesome puzzle, is Jeni, from The Blog Maven.
Jeni is handling the whole migration process.  Once Lauren had my new site designed and built, Jeni jumps in and migrates everything from my existing site to the new one.
(If you are reading this AFTER May 5, 2014 … you are on the new one!)
So, all of the posts that are here, the comments, the followers, links, everything travels over so you can find it right where you saw it last.
Isn’t technology cool?
and how about a BIG HAND for these three tech savvy women without whom
I couldn’t have done any of this?!?!
Now… onto the FOOD!!
Cinco de Mayo Recipe Round-Up 2014










These are just a few of my Mexican recipes that you can find here on my blog.
To find more, search the word MEXICAN in the search bar, or click on the tab for Mexican Recipes to be taken to a list of all of them!
Thank you for being here with me!

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