S’more Football (THROW the BONES) Cupcakes

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On my son’s final football game, they wanted to make a BIG DEAL of things.
I made a banner for the team to run through, and there was smoke and everything!

Imagine that 00 — my kid — was first through the banner! 😉
After the game I handed out cupcakes. 
My son requested my S’more Cupcakes, but I wanted to jazz them up!
Here in Nebraska aka HUSKER NATION our first string defensive players are awarded  Black Shirts.
They also have a black circle on the back of their helmets, and will make and X over their chest with their arms for Skull and Crossbones.  
“Throw The Bones”
Here is an article on Wikipedia explaining more:

I decided I would make the S’More cupcakes like I always do, chocolaty cake, and marshmallow butter cream, but instead of adding teddy grahams like I usually do, I bought these BONE shaped Scooby Snacks (graham flavored crackers) added a piece of Hershey Bar, and made the little picks from 3 dimensional scrapbook stickers.
I think they turned out pretty cute! 
football player approved!
S’More Cupcake with Marshmallow Buttercream
click the link below for the recipe

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