’80s Reunion

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Now that I have decided to do this blog on parties that I have done, I really wish that I would have taken better pictures of the decorations I used for them! Some of the entries may only have the invite, but now I know to take pictures BEFORE everyone arrives.

My first couple of pictures are from a Reunion done in March of 2009. The year was 1984. I love how the mannequin turned out! Looking tubular fer sure in her Purple Rain T-Shirt, fingerless lace gloves, mini crinoline skirt and jelly bracelets. The tables we scattered with more jelly bracelets, and bazooka bubblegum. Movies played on three TVs. Ferris Bueller’s Day off, Purple Rain and Valley Girl. The back ground music was, of course, all 80’s!! The centerpieces were florescent colors with cassette tapes strung throughout. Totally RADICAL!!

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